Vogue Pattern 7937 and ten years later!


It’s too embarrassing to say how long ago I started this pattern. One day while I was downtown on my lunch hour, I saw a gal walking down Sutter Street in San Francisco with this fabulous skirt on. Thought I was in a 1940’s movie. Then low and behold shortly after I found the pattern to make that skirt. Too bad it took me so long to make it but it wasn’t that it was difficult. Quite the contrary. Skirts are a dream to learn how to sew. I can’t even tell you how many skirts I have made, but I can guaranty that I have made more skirts than I have dresses, tops, pants but certainly not aprons! If you are wanting to get your feet wet in the sewing world and you like skirts then give them a try. You will become addicted……especially if you take a few small steps to fit yourself.


The rest as they say will be history!

I made item D. Happy Sewing.




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